Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls Recipe


Experience the ultimate fusion of flavors with these Philly cheesesteak egg rolls. Packed with melted cheese, sautéed peppers and onions, and juicy beef, these egg rolls are a delicious twist on a classic favorite.


  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1 large green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 pound thinly sliced beefsteak
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup shredded provolone cheese
  • 8 egg roll wrappers
  • 1 egg, beaten vegetable oil for frying


  1. Prepare the Filling:
    • Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
    • Add the chopped onion and green bell pepper to the skillet. Cook for about 5 minutes until softened.
    • Add the thinly sliced beefsteak to the skillet. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for another 5 minutes until browned.
    • Reduce heat to low and stir in the shredded provolone cheese. Mix until the cheese is fully melted.
    • Remove the skillet from heat and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature.
  2. Assemble the Egg Rolls:
    • Lay an egg roll wrapper on a flat surface with one corner pointing towards you.
    • Spoon approximately 2 tablespoons of the beef mixture onto the center of the wrapper.
    • Fold the bottom corner over the filling, then fold in the sides, and roll tightly. Brush the top corner with beaten egg to seal. Repeat with remaining wrappers and filling.
  3. Fry the Egg Rolls:
    • In a large, deep saucepan, heat about 2 inches of vegetable oil over medium-high heat until it reaches 350°F.
    • Fry the egg rolls in batches, cooking for 3 to 4 minutes until golden brown and crispy.
    • Use a slotted spoon to remove the egg rolls from the oil and place them on a paper towel-lined plate to drain excess oil.
  4. Serve:
    • Serve the Philly cheesesteak egg rolls hot, with your favorite dipping sauce.
  5. Enjoy!
  6. These Philly cheesesteak egg rolls are perfect for appetizers, parties, or a delicious snack anytime. Indulge in the savory blend of flavors that will surely impress your taste buds and guests alike.

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